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a weapon. the teller gave him $1700 cash, $1700 cash, he fled on foot. police used fingerprints on the note and bank surveillance video to identify tong. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning outside of the vif jail where he works. the sheriff office would not confirm if he was leaving or arriving for the shift at that time. here is what we know about him so far. senior deputy phillip tong is 36 years old, he's been a deputy since 2005, assigned to the custody division here at the jail. he is facing two felony charges, second degree robbery and burglary commercials. he's being held on $150,000 bail, right now, he's on unpaid administrative leave, will be terminated. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a former pinole police commander is under arrest and charged with elder abuse, police are looking for his wife, officers say he was a police commander when he and his wife committed forgery, grand theft and other crimes, saying he got an 82-year-old woman to trust him and put him in charge of her finances. >> a suspect is in custody charged with kidnapping, duct taping assaulting, robbing and
sales ads. it's on our web site. just look for it on under see it on tv. >> one of us will be out there. >>. what is next for ama john? and changes at intel to tell you about. >> hi, john. >> hey there, yes. change is coming to intel. the ceo says that he will retire in may. he has been ceo since 2005 and worked at the company roughly four decades, interyet hit a hit of -- bit of a rough patch. now there is speculation focusing on the c operating officer. that has been the traditional route for intel. most were coos before taking the top job. in a statement intel says it's going to consider internal and external candidates. today is the fifth birthday of the amazon kindel, the product that revolutionized the e book industry. one question, would amazon consider opening brick and mortar stores? something and you're not 9= not bringing a value to society. and by the way, business results aren't good for that, either. so we want to do something that is uniquely amazon. if we can find that idea we'd love to open physical stores. >> also saying consumers don't want gadgets they want services,
and bargain with us, it's up to them. the teamsters have an agreement. they're back to work. right? >> yes. they're back to work. >> does that hurt your position? >> no. >> the plant bakes sour dole and breads and it's a distribution sent center for the hosts line of snacks. but baker says they won't accept the decrease in benefits. >> my check calculated about $60 a month. >> david morgan worked at columbo for years. hourly wages range from $19 to $22 an hour. the employees say they're new work if the company shuts down, host hosts -- hostess tell meez they'll wait to decide whether or not to liquid date. so far, people in oakland say they're not going back to work. in san leeand dro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> protestors showed up at the uc reekent immediating today, demonstrators made the way into the meeting and started to shout and disrupting the meeting. protestors mad about the possibility of more tuition hikes.. >> people pay $13,000 per year to go to school is too much. you know? it's gone up three times in 10d4 years. >> they may have to take a look at the holder next year to d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3